Friday, March 11, 2011

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Geo-Gebra Applet

Volume and surface area

School Name:
Beaconhouse School System
Middle Branch North Nazimabad, Karachi

Created by:-
Taha Shahzad
Irtiza Abbas
Shahrukh Kazmi
Ali Ahmed
Ms Bushra Shahzaib


We are demonstrated the volume and surface area to make people know about the formulae and mathematical concepts. We have made this applet on the software of Geo-Gebra sponsored by the World Math Day. Through this, we demonstrated the mathematical concept of volume and surface area of triangle, cuboids, circle and rectangle. By this applet students can clarify their minds about mathematical concepts. Teachers can use it for making the students understand the concepts. It can be used from lower level to the higher level.


The applet we made, explained how to take out volume and surface area and through this students will be perfect in taking out volume and surface area of any object. They will find Geo-Gebra very easy and as any 2-D shape could be made. The applet is very simple and easy too. Users of all level could access this applet. We have added different features in this applet. Users could select any option like surface area, volume and circle. We have added diagrams too so everyone mind could be as clear as milk.


When you are new to this applet .You can use this applet when you learn it and can use on it to be a perfectionists in making an applet. If user select the option of volume then the user will be able to see how to calculate the volume of different sizes and can also change the shape and find the volume. If the user selects the option of circle the user will be able to find the circumferences, area and volume of the circle at different radius and size of circle and the users would also be able to change the size of the circle and the circumference and volume would also be changed.

Problems we faced:

When we started using it we were new to this applet then we worked hard and finally accomplished to make an applet. We did not have resources to access the applet. We practiced it at school as well as at home and finally succeeded in making it. It was really very hard to cope up with such new software.

How were we able to make an applet?

We were able to make a website with the help of our IT teacher Ms. Bushra Shahzaib. She showed previously made applets and with the help of those applets we were able to make such significant applet. We practiced from those previous applets and instantly made a new applet for volume and surface area and we really enjoyed while making it and it happened just because of the collaboration of our whole group and our teacher who make us initiative in a such magnificent software.


My deepest thanks are due to my School Head, Ms. Lubna Saaed, that she gave me such opportunity to participate in this applet. I would also like to thank my school IT teacher, Bushra Shahzaib for giving us IT support in learning Geo Gebra software, making this applet and for guiding and correcting various documents with attention and cares. She has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary corrections as and when needed. My thanks are due to Ms. Sarvat Naureen, who provided assistance for the writing of this report.. I would also like to thank my companions who helped me and without whom I would never thought to make an applet.

Surface Area, Volume and Circle

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